Street Hymns - 2 Sharp

The new single from Street Hymns' 'Look Both Ways' EP set to release October 22, 2013.


Channel told for the promo give em a tragic bars/
Like the exam that you take, when you practice law/
So here's my... Snickers... Where you buy liquor/
Slow and steady is the victor, so i'm passin up the rabbits y'all/
Im bout to drop the ep like a bad habit/
Live is the single, if you don't have it better grab it y'all/
And for the teens that feel blue, stand tall like an avatar/
And know you can find rest under the rock like patrick star/
When i flo you might need gills and fins man/
Street speakin... So lemme finish like i reside in finland/
Or wait... Finish like breakin that red tape when u win man/
Or better yet finish like the liquid for wood floors/
When it lacks shine, like eclipse man/
I just want them to listen/
But i've been told i have too much diction/
But i was bout 6 when my pops wouldnt let me loose/
He drug me in the booth, till i pronounciated every word, now it's an addiction/
And there's is no prescription/
They want that hood grammar but i just dont fit in/
Peaceful jurisdiction, i dont have a record/
I just have these records, act like them? Never!/
I have nothin to prove, im not tryin to gain stripes/
Forget payin dues, man i'm tryin to pay tuition/
My momma tells me mention/
God in my rhymes more, so i dont cause suspicion/
But i was never ashamed of bein called a christian/
I'll never let my lines curve cause that can cause division/
Look both ways, i want them to see the vision/
Biblical studies major, i'm out here tryin to get it/
So i can be an ambassador for these children/
Teach em christology tell me if you wit it/
I grew up on amba! They say they miss the old duce/
I got full off an hor d'oeuvre, i'm still seeing you grow duce/
And through it all, man he always spit da truth/
Outside the booth, bearin fruit... Yea i call you a pro duce/
I want them to see light like mineo/
Keep a small circle, surrounded by a mini o/
Like a cheerio, couldn't pay the debt, like man he owe- too much/
That bank account dont have that many o's/
This is life is such a vapor... It's so misty yo/
That's why i want my life to star you... This that misty flo/
Pokemon, he said i choose you, yea he picked me bro/
That's why i gotta get this message through, to my city bro!/
Gotta stay on point like ballerinas on they tippy toes/
Even though street doesn't get much traffic from his videos/
But i ain't trippy though, even though its not much/
These little kids is lookin up, they think i blew like indigo/
So there's no tellin where this indie go/
Independent yet accountable so i'm not solo/
But i refuse to sign with a label, that if after the show/
I'm givin the gospel and the bus is tellin me i have to go/
Now, i respect time... But you have to know/
It's not about the sales...It's all about the souls/
Like dr. Scholls, it'll feel good if ya stood up/
Peep my release date... Don't let me get stood up! Wassup?
About the Author
Steven Solis is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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