Taelor Gray - The Straw Man

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1. Straw Man Intro
2. Details
3. Vapor
4. Square ft. Joe Cooper
5. Temptation ft. D. Marshall
6. Lambs
7. Scars
8. Homiletic ft. Kai
9. Beauty
10. Supernatural by Grant D. Groff
11. Phoenix ft. Tres Carter
12. Ambiguous
13. Churchy ft. Aaron Flewellen
14. Plight (the machine)
15. Hymnody by Lance Hancock and Elizabeth Gray
16. Prophesy ft. Skye
17. Bars ft. Christon Gray
18. Iron
19. Trouble
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Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 and is currently the Director of Social Media for 10th Street Entertainment, which manages several multi-platinum artists. Originally from Northern California, Horton rooted himself in San Diego with his wife and two daughters.

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