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"Supposed to Be" featuring Je'kob, is the second single from Illtalian's upcoming album, Makana. It's an upbeat track that discusses the desire to be true to God and ourselves while resisting pressure by others to conform to what we are "supposed to be."

Illijam's final single of 2017 chronicles the story of a frightened town terrorized by a ruthless, underground-dwelling monster who snatches each citizen down to their demise one-by-one. One peculiar towns-person, however, refuses to believe he must resign himself to such a fate.

Serge released "Swish," the first single from his upcoming project partnering with RMG Amplify, Rookie Season out Oct. 27.

Illijam teamed up with producer Kevmo to remix The Rocket Summer's "Walls" with his own rendition, "The Walls," which celebrates the 3-year-dating anniversary of he and his wife.

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