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Christian Hip-Hop artist Nerva released new single "I Repent." More than just an anthem or cliche, Nerva reminds us not to take God's kindness for weakness or His patience for slack - Jesus death presented us the opportunity to turn away from sin and follow Him.

"'Cheesin' is about the fake smile that we wear to fool outsiders. Even when we least feel like it, we put on a smile to appear we are ok but really we are just hurting ourselves."

'The song is called "Unworthy" and speaks of how undeserving we are of Jesus' sacrifice but he called us worth it. When we can embrace how far we are from deserving of this gift, we can truly live in appreciation.'

This upcoming Zimbabwean artist Crusader started making music in 2013, producing his first mixtape later that year called Recovery.

"This song is a storyline of me overcoming my own sinful desires that I battled with in my past. In this song, I explain how Jesus grace and love brought me to repentance! Through me being obedient and open about my sin this brought light to my family, friends, and light through my content!"

"A message to all the young people striving to be something, keep doing what you're supposed to do to be great. Don't let the naysayers and negative people who doubt you stop you from completing the Lord's will for your life. Just tell them 'Aye, back up off me' because you're doing what you're supposed to."

Christian Hip-Hop artist Nerva released new single "Greater Is In Me" saying 'it doesn't matter how great the obstacle is coming against you when greater lives inside of you."

"The Coup" is the third single from Bane's recently released mixtape, Exile. The song recapitulates Bane's seven-year absence from hip-hop and recounts motivations for his departure from music.

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