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These are legal downloads posted with the permission from the Artists and Labels.

The new single "Battle Cry" by I4C aka Illumina†ed 4 Chris† is a call to arms for Christians to spread the Gospel in a sin sick world.

Abidez new single "Mad World" is a compassionate track with a cry for love and passion especially in the face of adversity.

Chris Sivells, an artist from San Antonio, Texas, released a song titled "Scared." about the struggles he faced during his mom's fight with Breast Cancer.

A exclusive, Die Daily member and #GodIsTrill founder Dj DB405 presents his debut free album Lapwing Rd., featuring new music with artists he has worked with over the years such as Kadence, Dillon Chase, Jarry Manna, Parris Chariz, Dre Murray, 1k Phew and many more.

Florida-based artist ILISH released a new free single, "Fly Away", produced by JuiceBangers, which he says is a "song that teaches you to be you, be real, and never let anyone bring you down in the purpose you have been given."

Georiga artist Jordan Teems released a new free single "High Tide", produced by Primo, which he says is about "inspiring others to fight for their relationships and to trust God to be their help."

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Byron A. Truth and Mystery
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Davey Asaph Never In My Wildest
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RMM Safe House
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