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For today’s Throwback Thursday, let’s go back to 2012’s Rapzilla exclusive EP, Diamonds x Pearls, by 808xEliTE, the production group consisting of Tyshane Thompson and Matt Massaro.

Download Illijam's single "All Work Out" featuring C.J. King and produced by Rey.Oh.Eight. The track is from Illijam's upcoming album 'Ironic Bombs'. He says the song is a "light-hearted celebration of God's promise to work all things for the good of those who love Him."

15-year-old Dallas, Texas-based artist Nolan G. releases a new self-produced free single, "Take It All". Nolan says "This is one of the most emotional songs I have ever written. It simply expresses my depravity and utter need and reliance for Jesus and His grace."

Download Lawren's new concept project, Pieces, featuring nobigdyl, Dre Murray, B. Cooper, ABIV, Beleaf, WxNDER y & more.

"Thanks Be To God" or "T.B.T.G" is the new single from International Show one of Boston's most talented producers / song writers and the first single from his new project entitled Becoming 2.

Download the new single by C-Los "Together" featuring MyzBeatz. C-Los recognizes that although it will be a while before the racial tension decreases in America, what hurts him the most is that many people are not able to sympathize with us in our pain. This song is an outcry of that pain, and a call to come together.

Shiwan released his second single "Nu Flag" from his upcoming QuikStrike II project dropping August 4th.

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