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These are legal downloads posted with the permission from the Artists and Labels.

A free exclusive, Valley of Vision, the debut project by Tampa-based artist and battle rapper Loso. The former HGA member's eight-track project features Dre Murray, Anthony Mareo, T-Strike and Lauren Morris.

Listen and download New York-based artist andy b's new free project, Here, Whatever EP, featuring Eshon Burgundy, nobigdyl. and more.

IZZE, formerly known as IZ, releases a new single under his new alias called "Amen". He says the song is a "tribute to the church".

D Kidd, one third of the group Audio Rebelz which Shiwan and Benjamin Broadway are members, released a free project entitled Aposematic. Listen and download this single from the EP called "L's".

Atlanta-based DJ Mykael V releases his latest free song "Run" featuring Xist Music recording artists Swift and Davis Absolute. Mykael says the P.Soul produced track "is about the illusion of chasing fame & money above following the will of God."

Listen and download Kentucky-based artist Kevin Ross' single "Bipolar (So Dark)". "This song is about what I have gone through in my fight against depression and my walk in the disease of Bipolar disorder." Kevin said. "In 2011 I attempted suicide and God saved me literally as well as saved me from my sin. So the song just talks about the things I've gone through and how I felt when dealing with Bipolar disorder."

Endeavor gives us a glimpse of the love he has inside of his heart with his new single "Never Make It." The song was produced by Dansonn.

Check out female emcee Naomi Lael's latest single "Murder." This song discusses violence in today's society. Some notable lyrics are "We can choose our sins but we can't choose our consequences".

Check out ProCyse's new single "Right Here." This single is off of ProCyse's upcoming album, "Almost There" set to release June 10th.

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