Lamp Mode Recordings artist S.O. released a new single on Tuesday titled "I See You".

Reggae legend Papa San released his second single "Kiss Teeth" from his upcoming album Journey dropping Aug. 26.

Listen to Ty Brasel's song "Backyard" from his debut EP 1994 Until released in June from Level Change Music.

Lawren released another single "Castro" from his upcoming Pieces EP. Lawren says, "This song is loosely based on my dads life. Some of it happened to him, my sister, and other Cuban exiles."

Bizzle laid a verse over Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "All The Way Up" instrumental for a freestyle remix called "Already Up". The God Over Money rapper uses the beat to share his thoughts on materialism.

Sean C. Johnson released Part 4 of his #RaceTheSun series singles. A press release said, "'Uno' picks up where Part 3: "Angels" left off and lets listeners know that there is only ONE true God who is often imitated, but never duplicated."

Alabama rapper Star released a remix of his single "Widow", featuring Collision Records artist Alex Faith and Brian Cook. The original version of this song comes from Star's United We Fall EP released last year.

Multifaceted artist from Chicago, leo the artist, released his latest self-produced song called "Rainman". The single's cover artwork is designed by leo (photo by Jordan Carter) and the track is also mixed by him.

Listen to A.O.N's new single "Catch a Break" featuring Tone Spain & Dubby. The track is from A.O.N's upcoming album Though The Heavens Fall, available for pre-order on ITunes on July 22 and releasing August 12 from Anamorphic Music.

K-Zoe's latest single remixes King's Kaleidoscope's cover of the classic hymn "Come Thou Fount". The song is produced by OnBeatMusic.

Nashville, TN artist Joel returns after almost year long hiatus with his first single "NoBody" from his upcoming album 7 Days set to drop July 29.

Check out the latest single from Jake James titled "Plans." Jake James is a part of Risen Revolution, a ministry dedicated to living a lifestyle of worship.

Check out Andrew Restrepo latest single titled "Overcome." With lyrics such as "We will rise above through Your precious Son. We have overcome," he want to remind listeners of the victory to overcome found through Christ.

Check out the latest single from Enkourage titled "It Won't Be Long." He says that he'd like to dedicate this song to,"my brothers and sisters out there who are working hard everyday at being the best they can be. I know it might seem as if no one is out there with you, but hold fast and stay strong because your not alone. Immanuel (God is with us)."

Check out the latest single from Jordan Copas titled "UN>LIKELY." The concept for UN>LIKELY from 1 Corinthians chapter 1 where God shows that He can use the weak and foolish people of this world to nullify the proud. Jordan Copas says he's, "an Unlikely man with an Unlikely story. on an Unlikely mission to make the most Unlikely Savior known to all."

Lamp Mode Recordings emcee and CEO Json released a new single today featuring S.O. and Nico Wells titled "Necessary", track No. 6 of his new EP which also dropped today, Foreign, Vol. 1.

A premiere, Reflection Music Group released a new song by Canon on Friday titled "Eagles".

Unable to sleep on a Tuesday night after watching a graphic video of Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officers killing Alton Sterling, Derek Minor wrote and recorded a song as part of his grieving process over the tragedy titled "Free".

Listen to Pop/R&B artist Spencer Kane's debut single "New Level", from his upcoming album KANE, releasing July 22. The song is produced by Tedy P and Jor'Dan Armstrong.

Rapper and producer Montell Fish released a new single "Dreams Don't Sleep" which will be on his upcoming album entitled As We Walk Into Forever.

Listen to Veteran artist Humble Tip and up-and-comer C.J King's debut single as the duo Humbled Kings Forever, "The Most". Humbled Kings Forever plan to release its debut album 'Humbled Kings' on Oct. 7.

Singer-songwriter and rapper big AL released the second single "Hands Up," produced by Black Knight, from his latest album Leaving Metropolis.

Check out the latest single from San Antonio rapper SonDaye titled "American Christian." SonDaye is also a part of a collective of independent artists called E.Z.K.L.

Check out the latest single from Tim James titled "Let's Ask Yesterday." Tim James is both a rapper and a singer who uses his art as a personal journal as he journeys to know Christ and make Him known.

25-year-old Kansas City hip hop artist Cole DeRuse releases his first single of the year, "Reminiscin' 2.0." This song is a follow up from the song "Reminiscin" on Cole's last mixtape,"The DeRusalem Mixtape." The song tells how spending too much time reminiscing on your past can affect your ability to be all that you were created to be.

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