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Charles Goose a is Los Angeles, Ca based hip hop/rap artist, co-producer and visual artist. He is currently unsigned and is the founder of the movement “SFTW” (South For The Winter).

Hip-Hop artist Ty Brasel dropped a remix of his single "Praying Hands" and was able to bless ears with a verse from Trip Lee, along with a gospel choir chorus.

Hip-Hop group LKD (Love Killed Death), an offshoot of Fearless BND, released "The Wave."

This single reveals relationship hurt on an intimate level, keeping true to his style and core message: love.

'The Time' is no. 7 of the 8 singles I had set to drop; one a month. I talk a little about my experiences with moving to Chicago and how I initially saw the move and then how my thoughts developed along the way. The song itself isn’t very conclusive due to the fact I’m still growing but I do realize the potential of the opportunity along with the fact God still wants to be center of my growth."

"This track was inspired by the constant reminder in my life to never hesitate on God. When God calls you to something, run to it in faith, don't hesitate, and He will bless it."

"VIBRATIONS" Is a funky, pop, good vibes record with a dash of Spanish. "Vibrations" is a single from the upcoming Vibrations EP later this year.

Danielle Apicella dropped her 3rd single titled "WHY OH WHY" with a feature from WHATUPRG. The track was produced by JuiceBangers and epic1beatz and continues her collaboration with the indietribe crew.

Hip-Hop artist Mogli the Iceburg released another single off his upcoming EP, Sad People make Dope Music. This new track is called, "Real Thing."

"Icy" is a song intended to inspire Christians to live by the spirit and kill the flesh. It features a chill trap beat with diverse flows coming from Lanre and S.O.

"This single is off of my upcoming project titled Legacy. I changed my name and redeveloped myself as an artist. This project will give the listeners a vivid glimpse of me before Christ and the process of me committing my life to Christ. While also being open and transparent about the real struggles of being a saved young man and A young Pastor."

Hip-Hop artist K. Sparks released his song "Say Less" off of Urban Couture (The Remixes) and produced by Kurser.

"This is a powerful track sending the message to find yourself within and let go of all the negativity/obstacles in your life. Dig deep and give your worries to God, he will work it all out. Keep your faith. I hope this track will touch you as well as many others."

"Can't Stop Us" is the third single from Daniel's upcoming album Dusk Till Dawn and a warning to the masses that no matter what you think we're here to stay!

"​​This song was written to encourage the listener that you can overcome any obstacle you face in life. It doesn't matter what you've been through or where you come from. I share my personal testimony in the song and how through Jesus I overcame emotional issues and being fatherless growing up. I pray this encourages to 'SHINE' no matter what life throws your way."

In a world full of distractions it can be hard to focus on the Lord, Especially when Hyper Fenton has ADHD. But In the midst of hard times and poor decisions, there's only one thing that matters, a relationship with the Lord through his son Jesus Christ. Here are Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music with their latest single, "FOCUS ON ME."

"DUELE" is a fun party vibe record with a message of loving each other more from an upcoming Spanish EP. The only reggaeton record on the EP for Doxamillion, and produced by Yeyo.

Hip-Hop artist KORBVN just released his new single “Don’t Miss You,” and this talented creative even produced the beat and made the artwork.

"This song is a part two to the first one I released. It was called D'Vhyne - "InFillTraitShun/ToBeCont." In this song I, used my verse to express how I stand with both the Christian Rappers and Rapping Christians. Shouted out Lecrae and Andy as well Bizzle, Eshon, and Da Truth. Both of my features blessed the song and we all came with heavy BARZ. Hope this song influences unity."

Hip-Hop artist Cortes released his new single "Stay Golden." It was produced by Sebastian Valiente.

"Way Up There is a song about not allowing anything to steal your joy. There are so many things that can bring you down. Focusing on the positive or the brighter side of things can be very difficult to do sometimes," said Sareem.

“Nothing But Love” serves as the 3rd entry of Calvin Hill’s Journal Entries series. The entries are a collective of true stories in which Calvin gives insight into events that have occurred in his life.

Hip-Hop artist Von Won dropped the single "Wake Up" off of his Wet Paint 2 Mixtape: God Bless Edgebrook and featured Nuwine on the track.

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