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Hip-Hop artist Ty Hartz dropped his single "Do Better" off of his Anticipation project.

Hip-hop artist Angie Rose promised a new song for her fans and she delivered just in time for Christmas. Listen to Angie spit bars, 24 of them, below.

Hip-Hop artist Hyper Fenton dropped his Christmas single "Sleigh Bells." All proceeds are going to Lottie Moon Offering through Meadows Baptist Church.

Hip-Hop artist Doxamillion got in tune with his Latino side and dropped a track that's half in Spanish, "Todo" or what many call 'Spanglish'.

Hip-Hop artist and newest signee to IV Against V, Ty Brasel, just released his first single on the label, "Praying Hands."

Joey Jewish released his latest EP, The Vantes Project 2 on Nov 21st and hit no. 3 on iTunes as an independent artist. Not even a month later, Joey's back with KB to drop a remix of "Loose Change" and Rapzilla exclusively has the premiere.

Hip Hop artist Don Ryvcko dropped his new single, "Not Today," check it out on Rapzilla's Soundcloud.

Hip-hop artist Tedashii is continuing his return with the single "Messenger" that dropped at midnight. It also appears his new album is called Never Fold.

Hip Hop artist Mr. 2-17 just dropped his single "Grace" off of his Closer album.

Hip Hop artist Onajh' dropped his single "Circa: 2011, and this catchy track has a great story behind it.

Hip-Hop artist RoyalT dropped some cold vibes with new single "Icy."

Hip-Hop artist Xandre is back with another hot track, "929."

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