Pettidee presents "A Soldier Sound Christmas"

The Album titled "PETTIDEE presents…“A Soldier Sound Christmas" is a breath of fresh air for the Holidays. Out of the 12 songs, only 5 are Hip Hop. The project is an open variation that also includes Jazz, Pop, and Traditional sounds.

The vision was to create a Christmas album to include the musical taste of all says PETTIDEE. I'm really proud of creating an album that you can put in and play all the way through. The balance of new artists, as well as known artists gives the album a fresh but solid sound.

Cuts like "We 3 Kings" fit as three veteran artists (PETTIDEE, VERBS, & BONAFIED of Grits) speak about meeting baby Jesus from the eyes of the Magi. "All I Want for Christmas" gives couples a theme song for the Holidays. Juan Winans (Winans Phase 2) & Lisa Kimmey-Winans (Out Of Eden) join PETTIDEE in there first released song together as husband & wife. On the lighter side of things, "No Chimney" gives listeners a crunk comedy of what happens to Santa when he got jumped in the hood.

A Soldier Sound Christmas comes at a time when we need music to encourage us the most. This album is sure to be around for years to come. For more information, please visit

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