Rawsrvnt "Winter Jam" Anthem on iTunes

Born Eduardo Puyol, Rawsrvnt has seen his music influence others beyond his hometown of Miami, Florida, traveling extensively across the United States and treading international waters to Europe and Africa.  He has also shared stages with the likes of Wyclef Jean, TobyMac, Third Day, Newsboys, Reliant K, Superchic[k], KJ-52, and many more.

Rawsrvnt’s unique signature sound and charismatic lyrical agility is phenomenal and has won him favor with fans both young and old.  “I have a passion for seeing people fall in love with Jesus,” said Rawsrvnt.  “My goal is to ignite a flame of fire that will continuously burn in people’s hearts and eventually impact their lifestyle.”

To purchase “Winter Jam” please visit iTunes.  We would love to hear your feedback on Rawsrvnt’s new song so please leave us your thoughts and comments on iTunes.  For more information about Rawsrvnt visit www.rawsrvnt.com and www.souldeepministries.org.

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