Jahaziel Films a Short Ident with BET UK

The World Premiere of Jahaziel’s Music Video for Anti Gun & Knife violence track ‘In My Neighbourhood’ will be shown on BET Networks (US) and BET UK in March.

Jahaziel is Europe’s premier Christian rapper. His debut album Ready to Live has been widely received and is one of the best selling albums in its genre.

Jahaziel is also working on his new album due for release in the third quarter 2009. Jahaziel is a supporter of charity Release: International who administers aid and support persecuted Christians across the world. He has recently featured on projects with Charity Christian Aid http://www.christianaid.org.uk/ and the Government Anti Gun and Knives campaign - It Doesn’t Have to Happen http://www.bebo.com/itdoesnthavetohappen.

BET UK - The channel is available on Sky channel 191 and a +1 channel is available on Sky Channel 198 to all Sky subscribers and on Freesat channel 140.

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