Urban D. launches 'Growth Tour' for Crossover's new facility

Crossover is at a pivotal point in it's Growth as they are totally out of space. They are looking to remodel and move into a former Toys R' Us building just a few miles away from their current location. The new facility will be over 43,000 square feet including a food pantry, a gymnasium, a tutoring room, computer room, and classroom space along with their main auditorium and offices.

Urban D. is launching the "Growth Tour" for the rest of 2009. All the money raised will go directly to Crossover's new building. Urban D. will come to your event along with a few other MCs (or dancers or DJs) from Crossover and do an event. Your event is based on your needs (concert, service, outreach, conference, etc.) The budget is flexible as none of it is going to Urban D. or any of the team - it all goes directly to Crossover. This tour will also include 50 FREE Urban D. CD's for the first 50 people at your event. If you are interested in investing in Crossover's future and having Urban D. and his team - check out available dates at www.urband.org or call 813 880-0538.

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