D-MAUB's CrazyTones

These Crazy Tones are not songs that you have to cut out the best part and make your ringtone, but they are specifically made for your phone. Each Crazy Tone is between 35-50 seconds. The catchy hooks and beats will make it hard to answer your phone when it rings! These Crazy Tones will be available to download everywhere on 8/10/09. But for now, you can get one for free by texting CRAZYTONES2 to 69937 and get "I'm Popular" (standard txt fees may apply).

Some phones will allow you to take an mp3 and save it as a ringtone as well. So for you, download it for FREE as an mp3 and tell people to start calling your phone.

If you know D-Maub, this is not the end! "Crazy Text Tones" and "Crazy Callback Tones" coming soon.

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