Cy the Ringleader to release online May 12th

It is also filled with songs that speak about life, inspiration, and issues in general. Within that realm, there is the circus/carnival show which is CY's concert on stage as he portrays the Ringleader of that show that he brings to display all of this. His growth as an emcee and lyricists is evident when comparing him to his older work. CY now has the complete package as an artist. A creatively composed masterpiece, Circus World Event...

With production by Tony Stone, CY, 4 Sight Sounds, Big Toe, English, Phillip Moore and the mixing, mastering and engineering by Phillip Moore. Featured artists include The Much Luvv Fam, R-Swift (of Cross Movement Records), J-Johnson (fka J-Silas) (of RockSoul Entertaiment), Pettidee (of Soldier Sound), Enock, Sean Slaughter and more.

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