SYD Announces Upcoming Summer Release

“It’s a new me,” exclaims SYD. “In putting together Pressure I felt I was on the ropes. Against the clock. Since Pressure was released, I’ve been robbed at gunpoint and in a serious car accident. My perspective on making music has changed.”

The full-length album will be a digital-only project available on its release date at and followed by releases on all major digital download sites (iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.).

In addition, the project will be made available at live events using a system unique to the hip-hop genre while still keeping the project totally digital (to be announced at a later date). “It’s going to be experimental in a sense, but I think as music consumers lean more and more towards digital downloading and away from physical albums, the path La Familia Muzik is taking w/ SYD’s project will bridge the gap between online music purchasing and the unique experience found only at live shows,” states Foolish, partnering owner of La Familia Muzik.

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