theBREAX "Grind" their way into a feature ad in Transworld Skateboarding Magazine

Airspeed, which is owned by the 'OG' Airwalk creator, Bill Mann, is a local North County skate footwear and apparel company. The signature rider is skateboard legend Mike McGill, who is best known for inventing the McTwist, which is an inverted 540 degree aerial trick. Answering an ad for new talent sponsorship opportunities, theBREAX acquired not only a shoe sponsorship, but a feature full page ad in the September 2008 edition of Transworld Skate Magazine.

ACH Clothing is responsible for developing the ad featuring theBREAX. The relationship that was fostered between theBREAX and Airspeed has resulted in a BREAX custom shoe for a possible 2009 back to school release. Shoes made by Airspeed can be found in most Wal-Mart stores across the country, core skate shops, and online for all genders. theBREAX's song, "theBREAX is Everywhere" is featured on the Airspeed web site; Clothing worn by theBREAX in the magazine ad can be found at . For additional news or information regarding theBREAX's music, products, and more, please visit their myspace page at

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