Wages of Syntax 2 Revealed

Track listing
1. “Goin Outta Control” Kaboose feat. Royce Da 5’9”
2. “The IV” Braille feat. Rob Swift
3. “Hawthorne's Most Wanted” RedCloud feat. Kurupt & Tonex
4. “Universal” L.A. Symphony feat. Posdnuous of De La Soul
5. “Knuckle Up (Experiment X Remix)” Kaboose feat. Shane Newville, Manchild, & Playdough*
6. “I Sigh” Sackcloth Fashion
7. “Pandemonium” Luke Geraty feat. Pigeon John
8. “Traveling Circus” RedCloud feat. Sam Hart
9. “First of All (Lolly Pops Remix)” Sivion, Jeremiah Bonds, Soul P.*
10. “Heart” Othello feat. Destro of Boom Bap Projects
11. “Samurai Showdown (Double Dose Remix)” Shane Newville feat. Braille*
12. “Side By Side” Def Shepard
13. “Guns & Roses (Rising Son’s Remix)” RedCloud feat. & Jayo Felony & Tonex*
14. “Hidden In The Bushes” Freddie Bruno & k-Drama
15. “Blessed Man” Braille
16. “For You (Blessed Man Remix)” Kaboose feat. Braille & Christin Hart*
17. “Season's Greetings” Othello feat. Siren's Echo
18. “Don't Wear It Out (Journey Through My Mind Remix” RedCloud feat. Grits*
19. “Follow Me Now” Kaboose
20. “Move On” Man of War
21. “Boombox Saints (Waterworld Remix)” RedCloud*
22. “Technique” Def Shepard
23. “Thank You and Good Night” DJ Promote

*Exclusive versions only available on this release.

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