Young Joshua Special Edition & Music Video

Also stay tuned for Young Joshua's 'Thinking Out Loud' Special Edition album, which will include 3 new tracks, new artwork & the music video.

New Tracklisting
1. All In
2. ArtOfficial
3. My Life ft. J.R.
4. Where You At
5. Old Me
6. HomeComing ft. Techniq & R-Swift
7. Disaster ft. Eddie Nigma & Magellan
8. Journey ft. J. Johnson, Powerfulmind, & Eshon Burgundy
9. Ride
10. So In Love ft. Sarah Rodriguez
11. Don't Do It
12. Perfect Storm
13. What Happened? ft. Ryan Post
14. To Whom It May Concern
15. Cherish ft. David James of Ndelible
16. Watch ft. Juan Love of Rhema Soul & Braille
17. Label Me
18. Well Done
19. Same Movement ft. Level 3:16 (Chris T. & Stv G.) & K-Drama
20. No Plan B
21. Train Ride ft. Shanyse Juarbe

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