Dae-Lee Releases 'The Warm Up'


After a two year hiatus Dae-Lee is back at it and has released his newest installment, 'The Warm Up.'

'The Warm Up' is a very appropriate title for an artist who has been away from his art for a spell, but that's not the only story behind the title. It's also about the growth that took place during his time away from music to build his relationship with the woman who is now his wife.

"The Lord used my relationship with my then girlfriend to expose areas in my life where I wasn't as close to Him as I thought I was." One of Dae-Lee's hopes in this project is not only to do justice to the soulful tracks by producer Teddy P. to more importantly remind the listener that we must remain close to Christ as we walk through life.

Get The Warm Up, support the ministry/music and let him know what you think at www.dae-lee.com

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