Theory Hazit new mix CD


The limited edition Theory Hazit mix CD is now available.  It’s called “The Special Education of Theory Hazit” and it’s exclusive to

A collection of 16 tracks from Theory Hazit showcasing songs from his new album, some unreleased exclusives and some of his favorite guest appearances.  This is part of HipHopisMusic's monthly Mixtape and Beat-tape specials.  Every month they will be dropping exclusive mixtapes and instrumental projects from Hiphop IS Music affiliated artists.  Most of these releases will be limited to 100 or 200 copies only.  It’s first come, first serve.  These are for the collectors and for the people who are excited about getting some new music.
The official track listing: 
1. Ain’t The Devil Happy - Tidal Wave (unreleased)
2. Extra Credit
3. Turning Time
4. Starting Over (unreleased)
5. Musical Chairs (unrleased) - Ghetto
6. Ghetto Reprise (unreleased)
7. I Just Wanna Go Home
8. Internet Porn (unreleased)
9. Decisions
10. Break You Off (unreleased)
11. Hidden Track with Surreal
12. Hazit From The Block (unreleased)
13. Bad Weather (unreleased)
14. W.T.F. (unreleased)
15. Yeah Boy
16. Musical Chairs Hazit Remix (unreleased)

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