Mark J Soulutions out in Japan


Mark J's latest album "Soulutions" has been re-released in Japan!

Display in the Japanese HMV store
The album contains 13 tracks, and a new remix of "Agape Soul" by pH7.

Here is the track listing:

1. SOULutions
2. Agape Soul
3. Intercession
4. Espananza
5. God of Israel
6. National Anthem-Remix
7. Cool of The Day
8. Simply Love
9. Suffer The Little Children
10. City of Pain
11. A Slave's Cry
12. New Slave Trade
13. Agape Soul Remix By pH7

A vinyl was also released in Japan. Below is the tracklisting:

A-1.Agape Soul - ft.Canton Jones
A-2.Intercession - ft.Jophia Life & Almad Jones

Mark J's Soulutions New Japanese CD Cover

A-3.Suffer The Little Children
B-1.Agape Soul - ft.Canton Jones PH7 Remix
B-2.Agape Soul - ft.Canton Jones instrumental
B-3.Suffer The Little Children - instrumental

You can order the CD and Vinyl on , and on HMV Japan: 

Mark J Display in the Japanese HMV store











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