Descendantz to Release Free Album 'ScatterBrain' 3/14

Descendantz gear up to drop their new free album 'ScatterBrain' which will be released 3/14. The trio comprised of Eddie Nigma, DJ Morph & ELPro make up the Descendantz. The Skinny (see promo video below) addresses the unfortunate realities of racial profiling from a Christian's point of view.

Check out the tracklisting and cover below:

1. Here We Are Again (Intro)
2. ScatterBrain
3. Day At A Time (feat. Eshon Burgundy & JuanLove
4. Catch Me If You Can (feat. Mrenc)
5. The Skinny
6. Phenom
7. King Kong Elemix (feat.Sean Slaughter & Young Joshua)
8. Fresco (feat. Rigz)
9. Like
10. The End? (Outro)

All tracks produced by ELPro, all scratches by DJ Morph.

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