Lamar Riddick Releases Album On Fire Today

Today, Pristine Records very own Lamar Riddick, released his album entitled 'On Fire'. You can listen to the lead single Confused and check out the tracklisting below.

1. For His Glory ft. Poetic Gift (Produced by Downtown Music)
2. Fashion (Produced by G4)
3. Confused (Produced by Downtown Music)
4. All I Need ft. Paul Jackson (Produced by Lamar Riddick)
5. Suite and Tie (Produced by Downtown Music)
6. Love and Affection ft. Marvelous, Emye (Produced by Ozone Beats)
7. On Fire (Produced by TT Beatz)
8. Warrior Song ft. Troy Jenkins, Emye (Produced by Downtown Music)
9. Off That Rock ft. Charles A.R, Emye (Produced by Downtown Music)
10. Reach The City (Produced by Downtown Music)

 You can get the album here on iTunes
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