D-Maub drops Crazy Tones + Watch Commercial


One Route Entertainment artist, D-Maub, releases his "Crazy Tones" album. This is a ringtone album of 10, unique crazy tones that express how you really feel! "These crazy tones are the wave of the future", says DaSouth.com. "Thanks to D-Maub my phone has swag"! says DJ Wade-O.

We are so excited here at One Route Entertainment about this new idea that God has blessed us with to break into a different audience to ultimately glorify God. We expect this album to do great, do to the love and support that we have encountered from DJ's and other artists. D-Maub adds, "It is a blessing to have people outside of your family who believe in you and support what you do. I didn't make it this far on my own, and I won't continue to advance without the help of my fellow believers and fans". You can pick up D-Maub's "Crazy Tones" on D-MAUB - Crazy Tones

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