Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Skrip, Trip Lee, and Swoope in the Studio

2014 has been an extremely productive year for Christian Hip Hop. Progressive art, high chart positions and inspirational collaborations have been experienced by some of the genre's top artists. As we arrive at the halfway point in the calendar, we see that the first half may have only been a taste of what's to come. Consider what we have to look forward to for the rest of the year!


The most recognizable artist in Christian Hip Hop has been working heavily over the past month, regularly putting snapshots of his process on his social media platforms. One such headline highlighted that he has recorded over 30 songs and still plans to do more. Such volume so quickly is not something we're used to seeing from Lecrae, but it's clear that Reach Records is looking for a big followup to the Church Clothes 2 mixtape.

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Andy Mineo

After surprisingly high chart positions for his last project, the Never Land EP, Andy Mineo is back in his "second home". We're accustomed to seeing the Wash Heights emcee in the studio and it appears he will continue to make music at a breakneck pace. Clear signs of that was the tour of studios Andy was doing to JahRockn in New York, Reach in Atlanta, and most recently 3 days with Portland-based group and production team - Beautiful Eulogy of Humble Beast Records. Fans are salivating for an eclectic collab between the artists and a new sound exploration with Andy's music as well. Make sure you download the Heroes For Sale Remix EP for free to hold you over.


Infiltrate's first signee Skrip has juggled his artist/church responsibilities admirably. After a successfully received free album, Und_rscore II Skrip is back in the lab carefully crafting a full-length studio album for his loyal fan. Recording out of the premiere spot in Colorado, Side 3 Studio in Denver, Skrip is planning to re-introduce himself to some and present to others a creative package of real rap with the proper production canvas. This will be Skrip's first retail release on Infiltrate Music.

Trip Lee

You didn't really think he was done did you? Christian Hip Hop was saddened to see Trip Lee take a hiatus from the mic, a place where so many have been blessed by his "wiser than his years" devotion to the Gospel. But Reach Records' resident pastor is back in the studio and apparently excited to record again. Instagram documents his meet-ups with super producer Gawvi (who is putting together quite a production run in his new position at Reach Records), which is sure to excite the fans eager to hear from Trip once again. The only question we're wondering is who is going to drop first, Trip, Lecrae, or Andy?


Christian Hip Hop has heard Swoope on other artists projects consistently for awhile now. Whether it's the carefully-crafted chord progressions of his production or the lethal lyricism that has come to characterize his music, W.L.A.K. member Swoope is never far from our ears. For the first time since his 2011 classic Wake Up, he can now focus on his own album. With a superb cast of characters including Collision Records A&R Wit, crooner Christon Gray, veteran DJ Official, production wizard J.R. and others involved in the creation, Collision Records' flagship artist is poised to properly return to the mic and assault eardrums with excellence on a solo album. We connected with Swoope at SXSW where he talked about the upcoming project, so watch that if you haven't.

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