Rapzilla.com Live with Chris Chicago - Ep. 24 ft. BrvndonP

On our 24th episode of Rapzilla.com Live with Chris Chicago, we give you the latest news with our "What's Poppin'" segment and an interview with BrvndonP about his new self-titled album and more.

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JustHis League - #NewDayRocks ft. Cutright, B. Meads
Tedashii - Nothing I Can't Do ft. Trip Lee, Lecrae
What’s Poppin’ @ Rapzilla.com wit David Daniels
KB - Drowning
Mouthpi3ce - Uno
Flame and Mike REAL - #Escrow
Rockstar Jt - Anonymous

Rapzilla.com Live’s Artist Interview Segment
BrvndonP Interview Part 1
BrvndonP – Chain Gang
BrvndonP Interview Part 2
BrvndonP – No Fakery ft. E-40
BrvndonP Interview Part 3
BrvndonP – What You Get ft. Lecrae, JustKristofer

Andy Mineo – Know That's Right Remix
KB – I Believe Remix
Lecrae – Give In Remix
Presha J – Throw It In the Air Remix
Tedashii – Be Me
Benjah – On My Momma ft. Reconcile
Tony Starks – We Don't Sleep
Lecrae – Muddy Water Remix
TSO – Reminiscing

NF - Real
Rapzilla.com’s YOUR HOT 4
#4. Charles Goose - Everywhere
#3. WxNDER y - Love Me Down
#2. Yaves - Survival ft. Dre Murray
Rapzilla.com LIVE’s New Joint of the Week
King David - War & Heaven
#1. BrvndonP - What You Get ft. Lecrae & JustKristofer
Social Club Misfits - Courage ft. Tree Giants
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