Rapzilla Exclusive: Watch DJ Morph's New Music Video


Stagestalker Entertainment and Frontlynaz Inc. are proud to present the brand new music video for "Can't Break Us" DJ Morph feat. Frontlynaz off of the highly acclaimed DJ Morph album entitled "INTERNATIONAL." The video also includes an ending bonus of "King Kong" DJ Morph feat. Eddie Nigma (up and coming Stagestalker Entertainment recording artist).

Directed by Joel Kapity of Dreams On Screen (Marvin Winans, Jr's "Never Let Me Down", Detrick Haddon's "I Need Your Help" and Viktory's upcoming "On Fire" video).

If you haven't already, pick up a copy of DJ Morph's "International" at Qualityjunk.com, and Frontlynaz "Game Over" also available at Qualitjunk.com.

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