Hip Hop 2009 Dove Award Winners + KJ-52 backstage video


RAP/HIP HOP RECORDED SONG (song; album; artist; writer; label)
“Do Yo Thang”; The Yearbook; KJ-52; Jonah Sorrentino; BEC Recordings/Uprok

RAP/HIP HOP ALBUM (album; artist; producer; label)
Ordinary Dreamers; Group 1 Crew; Andy Anderson, Christopher Stevens, Sam Mizell; Fervent Records

KJ-52 recorded a nice backstage view of the Dove Awards featuring Lecrae, Flame and others. Watch it now:

Rapzilla ran a poll before the Dove Awards asking "Realistically who will win the 2009 Dove Award for Hip Hop/Rap Album?" voting results were:

- Rebel; Lecrae 89.2%
- Ordinary Dreamers; Group 1 Crew 5.7% (DOVE WINNER)
- Reiterate; Grits 3.2%
- Citizen Activ; Manafest 1.1%
- Pull Your Pants Up!; Dooney “Da Priest” 0.8%

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