Rumor: Syntax Records sign Propaganda and Odd Thomas?


During the GMA week, Syntax Records had a superb showcase "Peanut Butter & Jelly Party," besides illect recording artists on the lineup, Propaganda and Odd Thomas were included as well. We spotted both artists spending quite some time with Syntax Records, is this the beginning of new syntax artists?

Facts that we believe support this rumor:

- They Performed at Syntax Records'"PBJ Party" GMA showcase.
- A lot of fellowship/hanging out time with Syntax Records at GMA.
- Propaganda and DJ Promote (official Syntax DJ) are on the Dare 2 Share tour together.
- Tweeting habits have changed incredibly.
- The Revolution '09 Event lists Propaganda and Odd Thomas as 'Syntax Records'
- They have the official MySpace design of Syntax.
- Propaganda and Odd Thomas live in California which is the home base for Syntax Records.

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