Loso Drops Trailer for Battle of the Beliefs

The Imaginary Gun Bar King has released a trailer for his showdown against B. Dot. Bullpen Battle League dropped their own trailer late last month, putting a spotlight on each emcee's view of faith. The battle, which is one of the year's most anticipated, will be taking place at the aptly titled Fade on October 21st in Atlanta, GA.

Rapzilla wrote about the match up when it was first announced, highlighting how Loso is the perfect opponent for B. Dot in many ways. B Dot, who seemingly retired earlier this year after ducking Th3 Saga for months, has returned to the culture and will be aiming to take both Loso and Christian faith down at the same time. Having just finished off J Murda this past weekend for RBE’s Writers Volume 1.

So is Loso ready for the biggest battle of his battle rap career? Watch the trailers below and mark your calendars!

Loso’s Trailer (Warning: Language)

BullPens Trailer

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