A. Ward Takes Rapper to School in Last Minute Battle

Class is in session! School Of Thought Battles, an Oklahoma based battle league, just released A. Ward vs D’ Loe from their annual Summer School 4 event which took place last month.

A. Ward, who took this battle on four days notice, did not take his opponent lightly and showed up ready to throw down like The Substitute. D’ Loe ended up being better than most of Ward's small league opponents though, using his Eddie Griffin like delivery and wittiness to edge the first up until a generic Bible flip bar landed him in lyrical detention.

All things considered, both emcee’s produced a very entertaining battle with only a few days to write. There can only be one Highlander though, and A. Ward is that man with a 2-1 victory in a solid battle. So what’s next for the YTG affiliate? Well, hopefully, a plate at King Of Dots World Domination 7. I heard there’s a certain Canuck that’s been Wild’N Out and throwing shots…

About the Author
Cutright is Music Director for Nerdcore super group JustHis League, a battle rapper, and professional Ninja Turtle. Hater of first person shooters, he learned how to drive from playing Grand Theft Auto and wrecked his first car in under a month.

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