Rawsrvnt's 'Shut It Down' ft. Pyrexx Used by NFL and CFL

Christian artist Rawsrvnt has once again had his music featured on a major sports program, this time for his song "Shut It Down" for the NFL.

The song features Pyrexx and was used on a CBS telecast of a Miami Dolphins game.

The track was first featured on the team’s pre-season game against the Minnesota Vikings on Miami’s CBS4.

Now, the Miami Dolphins show, "Dolphins Weekly," has picked up the song as the theme that opens the show every Sunday throughout the season.

Rawsrvnt has also found his way onto the Canadian Football League (CFL) as the Calgary Stampeders have used the “All In,” which features Pettidee and Teron Carter of GRITS.

During the NBA Finals, the track “There Go That Man” featuring Lil Raskull, was featured on ESPN’s "First Take" during live broadcasts and was used as the theme on ESPN’s 2017 NBA Draft broadcast.

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