A. Ward, Loso, Street Hymns, and Th3 Saga form Supergroup

After months of speculation and rumors, the cat is out of the bag! The Four Horseman, consisting of A. Ward, Loso, Street Hymns, and Th3 Saga, have linked up to form what many would consider a Battle Dream Team.

The name pays homage to the greatest professional wrestling team in history – Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard. Just like them, these Horsemen are ready to leave their mark not only on battle rap but the world at large.

The newly formed group will not only be focusing on dominating the battle rap circuit but also working together musically and doing shows together as well. Hopefully, we can get a Four Horsemen album out of the deal.

About the Author
Cutright is Music Director for Nerdcore super group JustHis League, a battle rapper, and professional Ninja Turtle. Hater of first person shooters, he learned how to drive from playing Grand Theft Auto and wrecked his first car in under a month.

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