Loso Listed in Top Twenty Battle Rappers of 2017

Earlier this week, The Source magazine laid out its top picks for the emcees who shook the battle rap culture over the last year. The list was created with the help of fans, bloggers, artists, and league owners.

Listed at number eleven, Loso ranked above legends like Iron Solomon, Arsonal, and Goodz, along with several fan favorites. Loso had a phenomenal 2017. From debuting on KOTD, forming The Four Horsemen (with A. Ward, Street Hymns, and Th3 Saga), to crossing pens with B. Dot in a certified classic and BOTY contender, the Imaginary Gun Bar king has made plenty of waves in the past 365 days. If last year was any indication, fans will need surfboards for 2018.

About the Author
Cutright is Music Director for Nerdcore super group JustHis League, a battle rapper, and professional Ninja Turtle. Hater of first person shooters, he learned how to drive from playing Grand Theft Auto and wrecked his first car in under a month.

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