Manchild heads to the studio with 9th Wonder


Here is a message from Manchild regarding going into the studio this Friday with producer 9th Wonder:

"Well party people. Now is the time and the time is now. Back in September, I had a really good experience and showing at the Inaugural Red Bull EmSee competition here in Atlanta, GA, winning the Grand Prize. In addition to the cash prize (which was long ago spent on luxuries like Groceries and Heat), I won a studio session to do a song with Grammy winning producer 9th Wonder out in L.A. Try as we may, we just couldn’t put our schedules together, along with that of the Red Bull Studio, to make it happen out in Cali. That being said, we’ve re-routed our meeting to right here in Atlanta, GA. We’ll be taking over Patchwerk Studios here in Atlanta Friday night, March 5th, and the results should be stellar. I’m looking forward to recording with 9th and I can’t wait for my friends and fans to hear what we come up with together. God is good, rap is fun, That is all."
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