ASON - Big Plans And Big Budget For New Album 'Two 4 ONE'


Toe 2 Toe Records, an urban gospel label, will be partnering with the Tate Music Group (TMG) to promote and distribute ASON’s next album 'Two 4 ONE,' a duo project with singer Christy LOVE, due Fall 2010.

TMG will add $30,000 of marketing muscle to Toe 2 Toe’s $15,000 budget for the project in this one album deal, including commercials for cable TV, a variety of PR, tour support, and a push to radio. Ingram will provide national distribution.

ASON returned to the scene in 2009 after a two year hiatus, beginning recordings for the upcoming album, shooting two new music videos, and performing around the country.  A regional favorite in the DC metro area, ASON co-headlined with Deitrick Haddon at the Verizon Center after a Misticks game in July of last year.

The nationwide “Be Inspired Tour” is scheduled for August 27th – November 20, 2010 and will feature ASON & Christy LOVE in full concert along with local opening acts. The 'Two 4 ONE' project will feature production from B Heat (Beyonce, 50 Cent) and Marked Quest (Timbaland) and will be available September 2010 everywhere.
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