k-Drama 'We Fit: The Workout Plan' Track listing & Cover

Earlier this month we announced (view here) that k-Drama will release his next album entitled 'We Fit: The Workout Plan" through Cross Movement Records July 27th. The album cover has now been revealed and we got the track listing for you. Enjoy.

1. Bodybuilders
2. Holistic
3. Get Your Weight Up
4. Slim Down
5. Gotta Run
6. You Doing Too Much (feat. Yung Hayte)
7. Sweat It Out
8. This Waste
9. Spot Me (feat. Matthew Bracey)
10. Don't Look Down On Me (feat. Pastor AD3 & Sean Slaughter)
11. DIE-IT (feat. Humble Tip)
12. Hope They Ain't Lying (feat. Isaiah Freeman IV)
13. More Than I Can Bear (feat. Charde Jones)
14. The Power Team (feat. D-MAUB, Atia Evans, Deacon Das, Soulja K & Lesun)
15. Bar (feat. Willie Will)
16. Win or Lose
17. Stronger On My Knees (feat. CMO)
18. ABnormal (feat. Nue Breed, JMartyr, C-Micah, Adalid & Eric Cross)

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