PRo 'Redemption' Track Listing Revealed

PRo is getting ready to release his next album 'Redemption', you've heard him on Trip Lee's latest album 'Between Two Worlds'. Check the track listing after the jump. Available for pre-order on AmazonMP3

1. God
2. Hold Me Down
3. Clear the Air (feat. Lecrae)
4. Know You (feat. Rick Trotter)
5. Low
6. Aye You
7. In the Club (feat. Conviction)
8. This Cage
9. Merked
10. Not Guilty
11. Bout Dat
12. Power To Die (feat. Brothatone)
13. Fight Music
14. On It (feat. Conviction, Cannon)
15. All I Know
16. Depend On You (feat. Chris Davis)
17. Slave to You
18. Blow My Mind (feat. Roslyn Welch) [Bonus Track]
19. Who I Be (feat. Cannon) [Bonus Track]
20. Murder Swag [Bonus Track]

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