Chris Cobbins 'Better: The Fan Appreciation Album' Details Revealed

The album cover and tracklisting for Chris Cobbins' upcoming free project Better: The Fan Appreciation Album releasing July 31st from LateBloom Productions.

1. Shooter Feat. Canon
2. Hangover Feat. PRo
3. No To Myself Feat. Ruslan
4. Snack’n Feat. Corey Paul
5. Contagious
6. One Night Stand
7. Breathe Again Feat. Butta P. (Produced by Big Juice)
8. Believe In U
9. In The Morning
10. Another One (Produced by Major)
11. Better

Executive Producer: Tha Kracken!

All songs written by Chris Cobbins

All songs mixed by Silent and Tha Kracken!

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