Json Reveals 5th Studio Album Release Date

UPDATE: Json's new album is very close to done. They decided to push the album back to make sure sound quality is up to par. Json says that his first single has been written for months now so expect that soon. The official release date is June 18, 2013.

Word on the street is that Json is diligently at work on his 5th studio album, which is scheduled to drop on May 14th. After completing his heartfelt, inspiring and Stellar nominated album 'Growing Pains', we are excited to see where he goes with this next project. Json has teamed up with producer Spec to work on his new album. Spec is known for his work with Flame and pop singer V. Rose. Judging by the pictures, tweets, and information we've seen so far, Spec seems to play a large role in the new album.

We will be announcing the title and tracklisting soon.
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