P.A.T. Junior set to release 'The In-Betweens Vol. 1: Welcome' free EP on March 26th

P.A.T. Junior is slated to release his newest free project, 'The In-Betweens Vol. 1: Welcome' on March 26, 2013. The EP is the first of a series of installments set be released in the future.

Here’s a brief explanation from P.A.T. Junior of what he coins as “The In-Betweens”:

"While going through trials and pleasant valleys of life, I seem to always encounter these "bland" moments. These are moments where I'm anticipating the next rough patch or smooth stroll. It’s the moment where I experience acceleration of growth both spiritually and in maturity. The moment where I experience life feeling like it’s at a stand still but its actually moving in slow motion. These moments in life, I take time to reflect on what I've been through, good and bad, and review it from a Biblical perspective.

From a musical standpoint, The In-Betweens are mental vivid share sessions of segments of my life through music, taken in snapshots of emotions. Its lyricism painting feelings, experiences and thoughts on random canvases and embracing every brush stroke of each rapture taken. This first installment invites others to embark on a journey through a musical collage of concepts and whole/complete themes.”

1. Welcome
2. A Writer’s Anthem [Pen’s Out]
3. Who’s Responsible For Evil? [Interlude]
4. Pick It Up
5. Thinking of You [Ode 1] (feat. RJ Hatton)
6. Thinking of You [Ode 2]
7. How To Kill A Zombie [Interlude]
8. L.A.L. (feat. Colandra, D. Carr, and Tony G)
9. [The] Greatest Failure
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