Raise the Banner Tour featuring Propaganda, Beautiful Eulogy & Eshon Burgundy

Humble Beast Records is hitting the road once again for their new tour “Raise the Banner.” It will include respected lyricist Propaganda and Beautiful Eulogy from Humble Beast. Eshon Burgundy was recently added to the tour and many are excited about him bringing his unique sound to the different venues. DJ Efechto will be spinning records on the ones and twos. Here are the cities that the tour will land at.

Dates & Locations:
Las Vegas, NV - May 4th (Booked)
Arizona May 5th (Date still available)
San Diego, CA - May 6th (Booked)
Los Angeles, CA - May 7th (Date still available)
San Francisco, CA May 8th (Date still available)
Portland, OR - May 9th (Booked)
Seattle, WA - May 10th (Date still available)
Canada - May 11th (Booked)
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