Braille new vinyl "The IV"


Braille has a new 12" vinyl single of the IV/Counter Attack, released in Germany, from his upcoming full length album "The IV Edition" due 2008. Featuring production from Oh No & Marco Polo, cuts by Rob Swift, and guest spot by Hiphop IS Muisc labelmate Theory Hazit. This 12" is on point with a full gloss print picture cover, instrumentals, an accapella, and a bonus cut. Limited to only 500!

Side A
1. The IV - Main
2. The IV - Instrumental
3. The IV - Accepella

Side B
1. Counter Attack f/ Theory Hazit (Produced by Oh No, Cuts by Dj Idull) - Main
2. Counter Attack - Instrumental
3. Shades Of Grey

Click here to order it before it's gone (imported from Germany).

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