3rd Annual Rapzilla Beat Battle at Flavor Fest 2013

The Battle:
We're more than excited to bring back the beat battle to Flavor Fest this year! The 3rd annual Rapzilla Beat Battle will make history at Flavor Fest 2013 next month in Tampa, FL! The last two years, the auditorium at Crossover Church has been packed out to see some of the best beat makers in our genre go head to head as well as up and comers getting a chance to turn some heads and break some necks!

Eight beat makers will attempt to win the crowd over with their original music, and invoke the ugliest face the audience at the 13th annual Flavor Fest, has ever made. Ultimately two beat makers share the opposite end of the stage, and each showcase two 60 second beats. Just like last year, you are the judge, however this year we will have 3 official judges to give thier professional feedback as well. The winner as voted by the audience in attendance, as well as at home watching live, and our official judges, will win $1,500 in cash and prizes!

The Rules:
Each beat maker must bring 4 original beats to the competition, but we suggest at least 5 in the case you make it to the final round and there is the need of a tie breaker. Each beat maker will play 1 minute of two beats per round, for a total of 2 minutes. We'll have an AUX cable for you to play your beats via laptop, ipod, etc. You cannot play a beat that you made that contains a rapper's verse on it. Each beat maker must be available to compete both Friday October 5th and Saturday October 6th or they will be disqualified. Our official judges, the online viewing audience, and the attending audience applause will decide the winner of each battle. Single elimination.

The Contestants:
A few weeks ago we announced that we would be taking submissions to enter to compete in this year's Rapzilla Beat Battle at Flavor Fest in Tampa, FL. We've selected the contestants and they are the following producers:

Black Knight - "It's the Black Knight!" The 20-year old artist/producer gained notoriety for winning the Rapzilla-sponsored "Riot" Remix contest, which led to production placements with a litany of accomplished artists. He is also a well-known drummer who frequently tours with some of the best in Christian Hip Hop.

Dirty Rice - The Nashville-based beat battler is the production mastermind behind sounds from Lecrae, Trip Lee, and Collision Records as well as having numerous production placements on television shows such as Bachelor Pad, Pretty Hurts, and Born to Dance. Dirty Rice has won multiple beat battles like 2011 Grand Finale of Soundtrack Beat Battle, April '11 Atlanta Beat Battle, and May '11 Soundtrack Beat Battle. His signature energy will bring flavor to the competition.

DJ Efechto - The Humble Beast Collective member is known for his "boom bap" sound and over 15 years of experience in the game. He recently released a beat tape entitled 'The Bridge' showcasing his original sounds.

Mpax - The founder of Rekcity Media Group is an experimental producer with his hands in many standout, Christian Hip Hop hits. He was also recently selected as one of only 12 producers picked to participate in an exclusive mainstream beat battle.

Q - This experimental producer is known for his skillful remixes of both mainstream and Christian music. He most notably produced a remix album of stephen the levite's "The Last Missionary" album. With his creativity, be prepared for the unexpected.

Risingson - This producer took first place at Red Bull's prestigious Seattle Big Tune Qualifier in 2010. He's also produced for Xzibit ("Phenom") and Christian Hip Hop's own Eshon Burgundy ("Dearly Beloved", "Tell You Why").

Tone Jonez - Tone is a master at live sounds and a frequent participant in remix contests, including coming away victorious in the Rapzilla "Full Court Mess" Remix Contest. To top it off, he's also been recognized by legendary mainstream producer Just Blaze for his musical excellence.

Tyshane - This 18 year-old GRAMMY-winning production phenom is son of Gospel Reggae legend Papa San, and has quickly become one of the most coveted producers in Christian Hip Hop. As half of the production crew "808&Elite", he is a favorite for many of the Reach Records artists especially Andy Mineo.

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Producer bios contributed by Tyler Burns
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