Jahaziel 'Heads Up' Tracklisting & Production Credits Revealed

The tracklisting and production credits for Jahaziel's upcoming album 'Heads Up,' releasing Novemeber 19, 2013 on Xist Music.

1. I Said Yeah (feat. Ram1) - Produced by G.P.
2. Amen (feat. AStar, D-Maub) - Produced by GROC
3. Famous (feat. Jadee Lamez) - Produced by D-Flow
4. Go Get Em (feat. S.O, J.R.) - Produced by J.R.
5. V.O.H (feat. Guvna B, Sean Simmonds) - Produced by D-Flow
6. They Don’t Know (feat. Maxi Priest) - Produced by D Phantom
7. Hold On (feat. Dwayne Tryumf, Chordroy) - Produced by Chordroy
8. My Angel (feat. Sean Simmonds) - Produced by D Phantom
9. Round and Round (feat. Rebecca Folkes) - Produced by Harry West
10. Falling Stars (feat. TJ Pompeo & Michelle John) - Produced by G.P.
11. Better (feat. Donielle Rodwell) - Produced by Anthem
12. Numbers Game (feat. Christon Gray) - Produced by G-Roc
13. Forevermore (feat. Sean C. Johnson) - Produced by SoundH Productions
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