Dream Junkies (Ruslan, Beleaf, John Givez) Cover & Tracklisting

Dream Junkies (Ruslan, Beleaf, John Givez) are scheduled to release their new crew self-titled album on March 18th.

1. Higher - produced by Maj0r
2. Move - produced by Dert and Anthony Cruz
3. Dreamers - produced by Anthony Cruz
4. Old Friends - produced by Jruckers
5. hypocritiCOOL - produced by Maj0r
6. 4x4 - Phonix
7. Soul Rebels - produced by Wontel
8. Mandela (feat. Elijah Fig) - produced by Josh Carey, Jruckers, and Ruslan
9. Dream Junkies - produced by Anthony Cruz
10. Explain - produced by Lex Luthorz
11. Oceans produced by Anthony Cruz

12. (BONUS) Cousin of Death - Produced by DJ Rek
13. (BONUS) Untouchable - Produced by Jruckers
14. (BONUS) In-Laws
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