In the Press: Hip-hop artists bring ‘beats’

On Friday night in Royal Brougham Pavilion, Portland-based rappers Jelani "G-Natural" Greenidge and Jaamar "J-MAC" McKelvey, rapping about breakfast cereal, received enthusiastic applause from 150 attendees.

As hip-hop crew "The Iccsters," they performed during the fifth annual Night of Beats, including the song "Cereal," which features rhymes about rap skills and a relationship with Christ using cereal metaphors:

"The love of God compels me to move / and kind of like Kix, he's kid-tested and mother-approved. / So strong, you don't need to spike it / and makes Life so good even Mikey likes it."

During their set, Greenidge said that some people still think that being a "Christian rapper" is a contradiction, almost like being a "Christian porn producer."

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