Artists get your music on "Music Meets the Truth" vol.3


If you haven't already heard, "Music Meets the Truth" is a full length compilation album put out every single year and is made totally FREE for download.  Both the 2007 and 2008 Beat Lab 7 compilations have proven to be a great success in the Christian music arena, featuring several highly recognized recording artists.

Catering to a multitude of over 20,000 fans, people continue to grab hold of this original full length album!  As downloads continue to increase daily, Beat Lab 7 Productionz has witnessed an opportunity to share this wealth of exposure with many other dedicated artists who may like to feature on the next compilation, set to release January 2009.

To submit, go to and click on the "submissions" page link.  There, you can read about the procedures, rules and BENEFITS of submitting your music.  It's not a mixtape, it's an album.  Best part is... it's FREE!

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